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Sixth swine flu death reported in Wisconsin

金曜日, 8 月 14th, 2020

Sixth swine flu death reported in Wisconsin

Two people died Wedn카지노 사이트esday from a new respiratory disease in northwest Wisconsin, raising the number of people who have died in this year’s flu, State Department of Health officials s우리카지노ay.

Three people in the United States who had been hospitalized with flu-like symptoms were found dead Thursday, but the deaths are not linked to the flu, said Dr. Daniel Blanchard, the health department’s top public health officer.

“A few days ago there was a couple of people that had been diagnosed with flu-like symptoms, and then when we came in a few days ago that number just got bigger,” Blanchard said during a news conference here. “Now we have three in th예스카지노e hospital from the flu-like symptoms of a case-type.”

In recent days, three more people had died from the flu this month. Three other people have died this week from flu-like symptoms.

Blanchard did not elaborate further on how the three patients with flu-like symptoms died. The death on Wednesday involved one person and the illness was reported on Wednesday.

On Oct. 7, Health Department officials issued a bulletin that said seven people, including two minors, had been hospitalized with flu-like symptoms after returning from the World Tour of Canada and two from the World Cup. Six of the seven people with flu-like symptoms died, and the illness was identified as avian influenza A or A/HA.

On Wednesday, the State Department of Public Health issued a communicable disease alert for a large number of people across the state. The first communicable disease alert is mandatory and will be in place for 10 days. Health officials say an outbreak has occurred since Oct. 7 and is still affecting swine flu in the greater area.

Blanchard said there were no reports of illness in swine flu cases being reported in the surrounding region. That is expected to keep the swine flu outbreak in the greater area from spreading, he said.

For many people, the flu does not cause any immediate discomfort. Blanchard said some patients will have lingering flu symptoms for weeks. For more, go to

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