Coque iphone 4s marrante DMK MLA Opens Fire During Clash Over Land Dispute Near Chennai-coque stitch samsung galaxie j3 2016-icsxpj

DMK MLA Opens Fire During Clash Over Land Dispute Near Chennai

A land dispute near here between a coque iphone 5s la haut realtor and a DMK legislator coque iphone 5c coque iphone 7 8 pas cher flacon parfum led to a violent coque iphone xs coque iphone 5 protection ecran clash and the latter allegedly fired at the opposite group, police said here on Sunday.

“MLA L Idhayavarman, property developer Kumar and three others who had allegedly assisted the legislator have been arrested today,” a senior police official said.

Trouble started on Saturday, after Kumar allegedly tried to level a “public land” so as to provide access coque iphone 5 rugby to a parcel of his land at Sengadu village off Tiruporur near here.

However, several villagers, the legislator representing Tiruporur, a coque iphone 5 citation film suburb near here and his father Lakshmipathy opposed the move since the land in question was public in nature that abutted a coque personnalisees samsung temple.

“It was essentially a civil dispute and an coque huawei p20 enquiry by the RDO (Revenue Divisional Officer) créer sa propre coque iphone 5 was pending for quite sometime,” the official said.

Arguments led to a violent clash between a group coque iphone 5s je peux pas of people led by the MLA and another by Kumar, who allegedly had “hired about 50 goons for his protection.”

In the melee, Idhayavarman had allegedly opened fire coque iphone 5c silicone vert and a single barrel coque iphone 5 marquez gun and a pistol coque iphone 5 used during the clash were later seized, he said adding though the née jolie coque iphone 5s MLA said that these were licensed firearms, the “licence period has expired.”

Also, a bullet allegedly fired by the MLA grazed through a bystander causing injury coque iphone 5c thirty seconds to mars to him and he too has preferred a police complaint against the legislator and a coque iphone 4s basquiat car on the spot too had “bullet marks,” on the bonnet and windscreen.

The clash resulted in injuries to people coque iphone 5c bmw m from both groups and a number of two wheelers were also set on fire leading to anxiety and tension briefly.

To a question, the official told PTI that people from MLA’s side have coque iphone 4s converse alleged that Kumar’s group too had used firearms against them, which was being probed.

Before starting the land levelling work, the realtor had submitted a petition to the police alleging that the MLA had drained water into his land by creating a trench, without obtaining his permission.

Clashes erupted despite a police party visiting coque iphone 5s paillette transparente the spot and advising both sides to maintain peace, he said.

A case has been registered under various sections of the IPC and the Arms Act and both the blanche neige coque iphone 5s groups have filed complaint and counter plaints and a probe was on…